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Faculty Appointments, Reappointments and Promotions

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Appointment, Reappointment and Promotion Procedures

Statements of procedures on the appointment, reappointment and promotion of faculty are in Chapter 2 of the Faculty Handbook.


Appendix B of the Faculty Handbook contains the forms used throughout the University for faculty appointments, reappointments, and promotions. These forms include detailed descriptions of the evidence required and evaluative criteria for each action.

Faculty Search and Applicant Tracking (FSAT)

The Faculty Search and Applicant Tracking (FSAT) system improves faculty recruiting efficiency and effectiveness for search committee members and hiring administrators. It allows you to advance faculty job requisitions — from creating and posting openings, to reviewing and evaluating applicants, to selecting and hiring the best candidates, to reporting on compliance with federal hiring requirements — all using a common tool that helps manage the overall process. Click here for more details.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the Academic Council is composed of seven full professors, one from each of the seven Advisory Board Electoral Groups as designated in Chapter 1.2.7 of the Faculty Handbook. Recommendations for appointments, promotions, and reappointments must be submitted by the President to the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is also authorized to make such recommendations to the President regarding policy as it may decide by vote to be expedient.

The Provost's Statement on Diversity reiterates Stanford's commitment to enhancing the diversity of its faculty. This commitment is based, first and foremost, on the belief that a more diverse faculty enhances the breadth, depth, and quality of our research and teaching by increasing the variety of experiences, perspectives and scholarly interests among the faculty. A diverse faculty also provides a variety of role models and mentors for our increasingly diverse student population, which helps us to attract, retain and graduate such populations more successfully.

Faculty recruitment guidelines are available at The Office of Faculty Development, Diversity and Engagement's "Search Committee Resources" page. ( 

The Office of Faculty Development, Diversity and Engagement

The Office of Faculty Development, Diversity and Engagement assists in faculty recruitment and retention efforts to ensure that Stanford has a well-qualified and diverse faculty. The office assists deans, chairs and faculty search committees with outreach efforts in developing talented and diverse applicant pools, and the office serves as a central information resource for all faculty recruits and newly hired faculty in their transition to the Stanford community.

The Bechtel International Center

The Bechtel International Center (I-Center) provides information about and assistance with obtaining and maintaining legal status in the U. S. to foreign students, scholars, and Stanford departments.

Open Faculty Positions

Current faculty openings are listed by school on the page linked here.

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability

Faculty members experiencing a short-term disability (including pregnancy disability) or long-term disability are encouraged to contact University Human Resources ( to obtain information about and to apply for the University's disability benefits.  In addition, the faculty member is encouraged to contact his or her department Chair or Dean's Office to address issues pertaining to teaching, research, appointment dates, tenure clock deadline, grant administration and other related issues.  For more long-term disability information, see the Long Term Disability (LTD) FAQ for Faculty.