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Effective January 1, 2018, two new California state laws take effect that impact Stanford hiring practices, including for Academic Staff and Other Teaching Staff.

Also, a new consent form for conducting background checks is also required as of January 1, 2018. The new form can be found here:

Ban the Box (AB 1008)

This law provides job applicants with prior conviction history a fair chance to obtain employment.

Salary History (AB 168)

This law is designed to narrow the gender pay gap.

  • Job applications no longer include questions requesting an applicant's criminal history
  • We cannot inquire into, or consider an applicant's conviction history until the applicant has received a conditional employment offer
  • We may initiate background checks only after we make a written conditional offer of employment
  • Job applications no longer include questions requesting an applicant's salary history
  • We can no longer ask about an applicant's salary history
  • We cannot rely on salary history when determining whether to offer employment or what salary to offer (unless voluntarily provided)
  • If an applicant voluntarily discloses salary history without prompting, we may consider that information to determine the salary for that applicant along with other factors in setting salary offer
  • Upon request, we must provide the pay scale for the position to which an applicant applied